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I have some heavy non-fiction headed your way quite soon, but I have just a minute before another child-running errand, so I thought I’d post these.  A book of love stories, Paris for One, and a book that is about a woman finding more than love for herself, The Stars are Fire.  Both are good choices for escapist reading, or woven between heavier fare.  

Paris for One and Other Stories, Jojo Moyes

Sometimes you just want to read uncomplicated love stories.  This is that book.  Focused on the women protagonists, Moyes embraces and observes (admittedly all heterosexual) women coming into themselves.  She lets you linger over the details.  The title story, 153 pages long, is really a novella, concerning a trip to Paris gone awry.  It was probably my favorite, meet-cute and all.  There is nothing too challenging or surprising happening in these stories, but sometimes predictability is soothing.

The Stars are Fire, Anita Shreve

Anita Shreve’s genius is creating settings so powerfully real that when you put the book down, you are surprised your weather is different.  This book encompasses all kinds of weather extremes, and characters you root for as they address their challenging paths.  It’s a story of love, pain, and becoming true to yourself.

Grace lives in coastal Maine at the end of WWII, not unhappy, but not particularly happy either.  A series of tragedies ensue, and Grace needs to act to protect her children, and eventually herself as well.  A quick but engrossing read.

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