For when you just need some Austen.

Jane Austen is, I feel, always enjoyable.  Since my English degree consisted (by design on my part) of mostly writers underrepresented in the traditional canon, there are still many more traditional texts I have not had the pleasure of encountering.  And oh, Northanger Abbey is a gem.

Fast (seriously, it’s so short!), extremely funny, and including a passionate defense of the art of novel, how could one not adore it?  As we are told from the start, Catherine Morland is an unlikely heroine, but she is so much fun.  It is easily my favorite “classic” novel I have read this year, and Catherine’s struggles, out-of-control imagination, misapprehensions and eventual happy ending were a bright spot in an otherwise bleak month.  The perfect thing to read curled up with a cup of tea, if it ever starts to feel like a seasonable fall. It’s basically a chocolate chip cookie, in book form.

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