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For those of you hanging onto summer, here’s one last beachy read.  It’s been in the eighties and humid here, very unusual for October in New England, so it still feels like summer despite the leaves falling, geese honking, and the twenty fully grown turkeys scratching around my lawn this morning.  I’m ready for real fall, but if you’re still in the mood for summer, check out The Gypsy Moth Summer.

The Gypsy Moth Summer, Julia Fierro

After living through the last two gypsy moth summers here in Connecticut, how could I not read this, despite my everlasting hatred for gypsy moths?

To answer what is probably your most pressing concern, Fierro does disgusting justice to the horrid, itchy monsters.  I would not recommend reading this during full infestation, because it will probably make you feel worse.  Her descriptions of the gypsy moth poop that sounds like a light summer rain I found to be very apt.

Aside from the revolting caterpillars, this is a multigenerational saga, set in 1992.  It also features a toxic, warmongering plant that has poisoned the aristocratic island.  There is a mixed-race family, abusive generations of men, grieving women, drugged-out teens, and a dose of Greek mythology.  There are lots of scientific shorts about gypsy moths, and a fair amount of sex and romance thrown in as well.  There’s enough in here to please just about anyone.  It’s a big long story to sink into, preferably somewhere without gypsy moths.


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